Wednesday, April 02, 2014

LASA Resolution Ideas

I received this email from the Latin American Studies Association:

Dear Colleague, 
I am writing to call your attention to the approaching April 21 deadline for the submission of resolutions to be considered for 2014.  Proposals intended as official LASA resolutions must be sponsored by at least 30 LASA members in good standing (current members).  
Sponsors may support a proposal by signed mail, signed fax, or by electronic communication with the Secretariat.  The communication should indicate the name and address of the sponsor.
The LASA website ( contains the full revised procedures for submitting resolutions.  
Please be sure to review the procedures before formulating and submitting your resolution. 
Thank you for your cooperation.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  

 I have all kinds of ideas for resolutions, which will be preceded by lots of "whereas" statements TBD:

1. We resolve that all resolutions seek to resolve only one issue, not an incoherent laundry list.

2. We resolve to make faces at anyone who complains that the U.S. is disengaging from Latin America.

3. We resolve that any resolution about Cuba must include a reference that the Castros hope to match Strom Thurmond for political longevity.

4. We resolve to make sure all undergraduate students of Latin America know the different between "guerrillas" and "gorillas," along with "cocoa" and "coca," and "Colombia/Columbia."

5. We resolve to start a campaign so everyone understands that "fascist" does not just mean "people I dislike."

6. We resolve to catalog those who complain about undocumented immigration but then enjoy paying cash to their gardener and bragging what a bargain it is.

7. We resolve to challenge the U.S. Congress to have a hearing on Latin America that does not mention Iran.

8. We resolve to establish a fairly large cash award for those who have been blogging about Latin America for a long time.

9. We resolve that anytime a U.S. official criticizes elections in Latin America they must hold up a picture of George W. Bush from 2000.

10. We resolve to recognize that resolutions passed by scholarly organizations are mostly meaningless.


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