Friday, July 03, 2015

Padres Stink 2015

We're now through 81 games, which is exactly half the baseball season. When I was a kid I would always see what the statistics would look like if doubled to be an entire season. Way back when I think I had Ed Whitson with well over 20 wins for the season, so that tells you how useful it can be.

However, it is notable that after the huge trades, the Padres are now on track to be 76-86, which is exactly where we were in 2012 and 2013, and one win short of 2014. That alone is depressing. We're in fourth place, 7.5 games behind the first place Dodgers. We're on pace to score 664 runs with 774 against. Last year we only scored 535 and then only let in 577.

The leader of this supposedly power-hitting team would have 28 home runs (Justin Upton). Nobody has a slugging percentage over .500. Upton also has the highest WAR at 2.7. He leads most major offensive categories (and would almost have a 30/30 because he currently has 15 steals) ahead of Derek Norris, who is having a nice season but who will wear out as catcher who then sometimes plays first base on his off day (unless Austin Hedges starts playing a lot more).

James Shields would have 14 wins and 246 strikeouts, though at 0.9 WAR is behind Tyson Ross for starters, and even behind Joaquin Benoit and Brandon Maurer for all pitchers. Maurer is actually having a great season in a mediocre bullpen. The vaunted Craig Kimbrel has a 0.3 WAR and would have 40 saves, which is the definition of unexciting.

People like Buster Olney have started the drumbeat of the Padres needing to start selling by the trade deadline. Given all the hype going into the season, I can't imagine that happening, and I still have hope we can eke out a wild card spot.


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