Saturday, July 11, 2015

Pope Francis and Socialism

I'm quoted in this Associated Press story on Evo Morales' assertion that the Pope is espousing socialism. I don't think he is.

As my quote makes clear, we should not confuse criticism of capitalism with socialism. The Pope is definitely critical of how unbridled capitalism has a lot of negative effects--environmental, humanitarian, etc.--but he is not calling for government to take it over. What he wants is more attention paid to the human cost, recognition of why they occur, and then solutions. But the solutions are not necessarily socialist.

When the Pope comes to the U.S., we're going to hear a lot of Latin American stereotypes--Pope Francis is a populist like Hugo Chávez (or Juan Perón!), he's a caudillo, he's a socialist. It'll be nonstop.


Alfredo 4:56 PM  
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Alfredo 4:58 PM  

Yes when he goes to the US it will be very boring......I mean the comments of the MSM.

Greg Weeks 3:19 PM  

They might be predictable, but not necessarily boring. I think it's interesting to see how all sides try to frame their messages.

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