Monday, September 26, 2016

Survey on Events in Charlotte

My colleague Dr. Cherie Maestas, who is Rauch Distinguished Professor here at UNC Charlotte, has put together a survey asking about recent events in Charlotte. If you live in the Charlotte area, please see below:

There have been a number of recent events in the news in Charlotte that reflect broader issues of racism, policing, guns, and how the emotional response to news can give rise to community conflict and action.

You are being invited to participate in a research short study that will ask you some questions about your views and emotions about the police shooting and the resulting protests.

Your participation will help us answer some important questions about people’s emotions and experiences surrounding community conflict and engagement.

Your participation is voluntary and completely anonymous (no identifying information will be collected) and should take under 10 minutes to complete. You are free to skip any questions you do not wish to answer and you may stop the survey at any time.

To participate click the survey link below

In addition to taking the survey yourself, we would like you to pass this along to four or five other friends or associates in the Charlotte area. Since it is important to hear from people with a wide range of viewpoints, please think about sending to some people who are very different in their backgrounds, views, or perspectives from you as well as some who are similar.

Thank you so much for your time!
Dr. Sara Levens and Dr. Cherie Maestas
If you have any questions about this survey or this research study please contact Dr. Levens at and Dr. Cherie Maestas at at UNC Charlotte


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