Sunday, July 02, 2017

Evo Morales Tweetstorm on Chile

Evo Morales is tweeting denunciations of Chile, which is currently doing naval (submarine) exercises with the United States.

In just three tweets, he packs in paranoia, ideology, accusations of imperialism, and even a dose of anti-Semitism. It's pretty odd to think of Chile as a lapdog of the United States, frankly at any time in its entire history, but things always get clouded when a Bolivian president talks about Chile. The Israel reference is also weird and he first made it a week ago in a similarly offbeat reference.

Think about these tweets whenever an OAS discussion about Venezuela returns, because it also shows the grim determination of the Bolivian government to oppose anything the U.S. does.


Alfredo 11:26 AM  

Lapdog of sorts.....1973 Chilean coup d'état

Anonymous,  4:36 PM  

Setting aside whether or not Morale's argument is sustainable, what exactly is anti-Semitic about calling Chile the Israel of South America?

Morales' obvious argument is that Chile serves U.S. interests in South America in much the same way that Israel serves U.S. interests in the Middle East. Right or wrong, there's nothing intrinsically anti-Semitic about the argument.

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