Monday, July 03, 2017

LASA Resolution on Venezuela

There is a new LASA resolution up for a vote:

Whereas: we recognize that different political forces have contributed to the crisis in Venezuela, we are particularly concerned about the recent events and government decisions that undermine democracy in Venezuela; be it Resolved, that the Latin American Studies Association (LASA); 
  • firmly condemns the violation of human rights and the undermining of democracy in Venezuela;
  • urges the Venezuelan government to ensure free and impartial electoral processes, to cease the arrest of activists, to release political prisoners, to halt violence against peaceful protestors, and to respect human rights and civil liberties for all citizens;
  • invokes Venezuela to seek a peaceful resolution of this crisis, within the framework of international law and humanitarian norms.

Disclaimer: This resolution reflects the Executive Council’s belief that the membership of LASA should express their opinion on this issue. Nevertheless, it does not necessarily reflect the unanimous view of the Council. 

This comes a few weeks after the LASA Executive Council refused to issue any resolution, which I noted was an embarrassment. This one doesn't have any nonsense about "historicizing" the conflict or claiming the state and civil society are equally culpable. It is straightforward and clear, just like the Brazil resolution last year. No rambling, ideologically-laden screeds. The Venezuelan government needs to democratize.

I voted yes.


dhl1 9:36 AM  

i am one of the authors of the resolution (along with Vicente Lecuna and Ana Rodriguez Navas)
Getting to this point has been a long and difficult struggle within LASA itself as is evident from the disclaimer
(that we never saw before the resolution itself went out for a vote)

I urge all to vote yes. The situation in Venezuela is no longer 'on the brink" of anything. The regime is set on
deepening authoritarian rule and repression...only concerted opposition on all fronts can avoid the disaster of long term authoritarian rule and repression and endless protest

Daniel Levine

dhl1 9:37 AM  

vote yes

dhl1 9:40 AM  

i am one of the authors of the resolution along with Vicente Lecuna and Ana Rodriguez Navas
the effort to get this resolution through the biased bureaucracy of LASA was difficult
but the final resolucion (despite the imposed disclaimer, never discussed with us) is good and should be supported

vote yes

Greg Weeks 10:17 AM  

Thanks! Sorry it took a day or so for the comments to show up--they were put in the spam folder for some reason.

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