Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Should Kuczynski Resign?

According to a GfK poll, 55% of Peruvians think Pedro Pablo Kuczynski should resign, 43% do not think so, and 2% do not know. He has the least support in rural areas and among the poor. Right now he faces a disapproval rating of 82% and has only 15% approval.

His corruption scandal, plus the infamous pardon of Alberto Fujimori, seem to be fatal blows to this presidency. If you're wondering, presidential terms in Peru are five years and PPK took office in July 2016. In other words, lame duck status is kicking in awfully early and he will continue to face impeachment pushes from Congress.

Presidents seem always to be unpopular in Peru. Back in 2010 Alan García blamed it on Peruvians being sad. There really is no precedent in the country for bouncing back.


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