Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Gaming Jared Kushner

Following up on my occasional series of posts on the dangers of over-personalizing U.S.-Mexican relations (see here and here) now we learn that Mexico was one of four countries (in addition to UAE, China, and Israel) hoping to take advantage of Jared Kushner's position and lack of experience. In other words, they hoped to game him. White House officials concerned he was "naive and being tricked" as indeed he probably was. Now his security clearance has been downgraded.

What does this mean for U.S.-Mexican relations? Kushner's personal relationship with Luis Videgaray is currently the main channel. I don't know exactly what lack of access to information will mean for that relationship. Donald Trump can still tell Kushner whatever he wants. I assume Videgaray will be on the phone to Kushner, assuring him that this is fake news and that their relationship is genuine. It wouldn't surprise me if Kushner believed it.


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