Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fidel and baseball

Fidel Castro is doing a bit of gloating because he accurately predicated the course of the World Baseball Classic, including saying beforehand that the game between Japan and the United States was a mere formality, and that the final would be between Japan and Korea (and Japan just won it all). He had previously argued that the main goal of the organizers was to ensure Cuba's ouster, so the Cuban team was put in a group with two Asian teams because the organizers felt they were the best (did the organizers not get all weird about Venezuela?). He did acknowledge, however, that Cuba probably would not have defeated either Japan or Korea regardless.

It also occurs to me for everyone interested in Fidel that all this sports writing seems to confirm that he is not dead.


Russell 8:25 PM  

These have been interesting to read hard copy (we now get Granma at the residence). I wonder if and how much others help him write/edit these pieces.

MSS 2:10 PM  

I did wonder what the reasoning was of shifting the groups around this time, compared to 2006.

In any case, I also correctly predicted the finals pairing in advance--both times!

And as to whether Fidel is dead or not, I would not know. But there is such a thing as ghost-writing. And perhaps even ghost-texting!

Greg Weeks 5:16 PM  

Probably not too often you are thinking along the exact same lines as Fidel!

sharon 4:21 AM  

thanks for the information....

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