Friday, March 13, 2009

South American Defense Council

The Council on Hemispheric Affairs published a solid article about the first meeting of UNASUR's South American Defense Council. It is largely pessimistic, arguing that the diplomatic spats between countries (some long-standing, some more recent) preclude it from mattering much.

Consequently, the group’s set of aspirations look far too ambitious to be realized at least in the near future. There are undoubtedly some prospects for progress that have the potential to further integrate the region. However, a common regional defense policy will be difficult to put together. Moreover, if the highly vocal bickering continues to characterize the SADC, the Council will likely descend into little more than a talking shop with severely limited clout.

I agree more with Boz, who argued that the main themes and agenda items were a positive step forward. We should not confuse progress with integration, which is not (at least for now) the point of the organization. Its intent is to establish a formal, multilateral mechanism for dialogue and cooperation.

No doubt, there are major roadblocks. But it is premature to label it a failure.


Vicente Duque 12:41 PM  
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Vicente Duque 12:45 PM  

The UNASUR's South American Defense Council.

This is nothing but a tool of Hugo Chavez to further his political agenda of Destabilizing the Region.

In the Dreams of Hugo Chavez this is an alliance to oppose the USA and to destabilize those Responsible Governments of Latin American that want to deal respectfully and rationally with the USA.

It has been conceived in an aroma of Jingoism, Nationalism, Militarism and Revenge. The trademarks of Hugo Chavez.

Also tainted with Narcissism, Egolatry, Ego-Adoration, Egoism, Egotism, Vulgarity and even Despotism.

Chavez, the leader of this project runs contrary and abhors these ideas :

Economic Progress, Democratic Advancement, Political Peace, Stability, Free and Fair Trade, Help within the Western Hemisphere, Free Press, Free Speech, Liberty and Freedom.

His idol is Fidel Castro and his model is the Island of Cuba.

The politics of these people Chavez, Ortega, Castro, etc ... are the Politics of "Anti-Imperialism" and that is Hate, Hatred, Revenge, Envy, Resentment, Living in the Past and what happened many decades or centuries ago.

It is also the politics of Caudillism, Fuhrerism, Personalism, Narcissism, etc ...

Bolivar at the end of his life understood that he had made many mistakes of Personalism, and even offered himself as a victim. He even apologized and was very destroyed, sad and repentant.

Bolivar never pursued personal enrichment, he despised money and fortune, and squandered all his assets and possessions in an idealistic fight against Spain.

What a difference with these thieves in power in Latin America. Enriching their families and friends every day.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous,  4:28 AM  

thanks for sharing.......

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