Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Fidel explains all

Now it makes sense. According to Fidel, the big cabinet shake-up occurred because some people had been seduced by the "honey of power." I take it this is a particular type of Cuban honey that Fidel and Raúl started eating during the Eisenhower administration.


Vicente Duque 12:21 PM  

Anti-Imperialism and Castrim are Useless and Idiotic for Latin Americans. This is the most toxic venom on the brain of a Latin American Youngster.

The whole Latin America needs the "Backyard Neighbors" ( The USA ) in order to succeed economically.

The most modest anaylysis reveals that Americans can be an excellent addition of dollars to Latin America, as tourists and consumers of many products, mainly industrial and also agricultural.

Agricultural Analysis shows that America is very efficient and superior to some Latin Tropical Countries in producing Cereals. And that was decreed by God, Nature, Soil and Climate.

On the other hand those same Tropical Nations are superior to the U. S. in vegetables, fruits, exotic and delicious delicatessen in the garden, etc...

And that was also decreed by God. Please note that I am talking only of "some" countries of Latin America and not all.

Some complementarities also applear in the subject of Industry, Science and Technology, just Agriculture.

Trade is a two ways road :

Hate is useless to succeed economically. Ideologies and Partisanship do a lot of harm on both sides of the Western Hemisphere. Anti Imperialism on the South, and Anti Latinos in the USA part are just Simply Idiotic.

Protectionism is a dead end. It is the worst that can happen. Since Mr Obama is Intelligent, Cerebral, Rational and Pragmatic. I think that he is going to change course.

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Vicente Duque

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