Sunday, March 08, 2009

No effort drug trafficking

From the San Francisco Chronicle, one of the more unusual stories I've seen in a while. When drug traffickers at sea realize the authorities are closing in, they dump the cocaine. Eventually it makes its way to Bluefields, Nicaragua, where fishermen gather it in and make a ton of money.

The economy of this town of 50,000 is addicted to cocaine. While local authorities have no official figures, former Mayor Moises Arana says when the drugs float in, "everyone is happy, the stores are happy, the bars are happy, everyone has money. I remember one month when (Bluefields) bought 28,000 cases of beer.

So, you might ask, why don't the cartels come to collect it?

"The Miskito are guerrillas. They have been through war. They have AK-47s and up," said a local businessman named Peter, in reference to the protracted war between Miskito Indians and the Sandinista National Liberation Front in the 1980s. Peter, who carried a fat pistol under his Houston Rockets NBA shirt, also asked not to be fully identified.

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