Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bachelet's high approval

Adimark's most recent poll has Michelle Bachelet at 67 percent. That is higher than any of her predecessors since 1990. It is so high that RN diputado Lily Pérez actually said she was glad Bachelet could not run for re-election. In general, the worse the economy gets, the more Chileans like her. Many feel that her stimulus policies have helped cushion the country from the economic crisis--this may well have heled shift attention away from the strikes and demonstrations that have plagued her term in office.


Gabriel 10:09 PM  

A great example of why solid and sensible policies (save in good times so you have something in the bad times) is so important for any country.

One of the underreported stories of Latin America is how there is this one great example of a succesful economy (Chile) yet for a variety of political reasons no one in the region is willing to admit Chile is such a great model.

Justin Delacour 3:25 AM  

no one in the region is willing to admit Chile is such a great model....

That's because it's no kind of "model" at all. Its level of inequality is still quite awful.

Benjamin N. Gedan 5:00 PM  

You're right, the inequality in Chile is terrible. But the discipline involved in squirreling away copper revenue has earned Chile the prestige it's now enjoying. You only have to look at Hugo Chavez's hemorrhaging of Venezuela's oil earnings to see the more common approach to natural resource management.

Gabriel,  10:28 PM  

Chile is a great model and the inequality differences between it and other Latin countries are not very big. And that assumes you can trust the statistics from the rest of the region as much as you can trust Chile's, which is doubtful.

Chile is a great example of solid public policy, the best, by far, in Latin America.

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