Saturday, May 23, 2009

It took how long to figure this out?

Juan Forero at the Washington Post has a story about a radical new solution to drug trafficking in Colombia. It's called......infrastructure!

It is a truly bizarre program. As we know, it is preferable to terrorize the local population and then ask them to plant salad greens for export. But now we have this:

The plan underway here is an ambitious state-building effort designed to incorporate a once-forgotten region into the legitimate economy by bringing in police and courts, paving roads, improving schools and offering farm aid. The idea is to provide broad incentives for farmers in this town in the southern state of Meta to stay put and grow legal crops.

That's just crazy. Next thing you know they'll be talking about rule of law.


Vicente Duque 12:00 PM  

Mr Weeks :

I see that your mother did not teach you to eat the despised "Salad Greens".

I picture you as a fat guy eating Ham and Cheese Sandwichs, Big Whopper Hamburgers and Hot Dogs all day, with big Milk Shakes and Ice Cream !!

The Palace of Cholesterol.

In fact Salad Greens is the best for Planet Earth and a poor Economy like Colombia and others South of the U. S. Border.

And because of Very Great Availability of Water, Sunshine, Regularity of Seasons and Rains, low paid labor and many other factors it is very economic to produce them in the Tropics. And cheap for airplane transportation.

Free Agriculture Class :

The USA is better to produce Cereals like Maize Corn, Wheat, Barley, Rye, Oats and perhaps even lentils and soybeans ( even if they are leguminous and not cereals ). That is a decree of God to favor the USA.

But God also decreed that the Tropics would be better for Horticulture like lettuce, tomatoes, sparragus, onions, and many other "Salad Greens".

And do not forget flowers. Here you have redemption for the Tropics.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous,  3:49 AM  

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