Friday, May 22, 2009

More on Alvaro Uribe and his indecisive soul

Last month Alvaro Uribe said he was trying to convince his own soul not to run for a third term. Now he says it would be "inconvenient" and that he's "afraid" of keeping a president in power ("Tengo temores. Le temo a perpetuar al Presidente"). He said he also does not want future generations seeing him as someone who wanted to stay in power.

Inconvenient? Yes, especially for your former defense minister, who quit his job because he wants yours, but you won't tell him what you're doing. But now, Uribe says, he is at a "crossroads of the soul."

So what does all this mean? Actually, not much. He made sure not to rule out running again. In fact, the same El Tiempo article notes that his aides hastened to explain that these statements did not mean any sort of decision. I tend to think he's telling the truth--he wants to run again really, really bad and knows he would win. But he really, really does not want to end up compared to Hugo Chávez.


Vicente Duque 1:42 PM  

Venezuelan “authoritarianism” threatens democracy", Democracy is not only undermined in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Ecuador ( if it still exists ) ... Chavez has been undermining Democracy in Colombia and other countries.

If Alvaro Uribe is reelected for a third term, then please do not blame Colombians, do not blame Colombian Ignorance or Stupidity.

Do not blame Colombian lack of Strength in Democratic Institutions. It is not Imbecility !...

If Uribe is reelected 3rd term then Chavez is to blame. Because People in Colombia strongly dislike and fear Hugo Chavez ( to put it mildly ) and this is 90% or higher.

So Hugo Chavez is the best Advertising Agency for Alvaro Uribe.

People vote for Uribe to save their skin ( from FARC Guerrillas always supported by Chavez ) and to protect their country from Foreign Invasion and Intervention.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous,  3:50 AM  

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