Thursday, April 23, 2009

Uribe and his soul

Americas Quarterly has links to some Alvaro Uribe quotes regarding his pushing for another president term. He told Jimmy Carter that he is trying to convince his own soul not to run. What I really want to know, though, is how does his soul respond? Obviously his soul has some really good rebuttals, but he does not share what they are. One of them, assuredly, is that his efforts could be lumped in with Hugo Chávez, who he dislikes intensely.


Vicente Duque 4:47 PM  

Colombia was like Afghanistan or Pakistan today.

A lot of mountains, with roads that were dust and horrible curves to throw you into an abyss.

And worse than Afghanistan or Pakistan : because Colombia has more vegetation and sometimes it does not stop raining. More pluviosity than those Asian Countries.

You could not go to drink a cup of coffe or visit friends to another town 10 miles away without being kidnapped for ransom. They first kidnapped you and later found out who you were.

It was total Anarchy and Chaos, Gas Cylinders destroyed the most primitive and backward villages killing the illiterate villagers. All this thanks to the FARC Guerrillas supported by foreign Governments.

Many Black People were burned alive inside a Straw Roof Church. By the FARC. Other backward village of illiterate black children and families was burned alive because there was an oleoduct or oil pipeline. And the Guerrillas exploded it.

Land Mines were planted by FARC and they killed hundreds of peasant children, other hundreds lost one or two legs and those that are the most fortunate walk on crutches.

There were also terrorist attacks in cities, bombs that exploded and killed a lot of innocent people and children .... Thanks to FARC.

FARC is now 80% or better 90% defeated, only in the worst jungles, hidden and doing nothing.

The Paramilitary were supposed to fight against FARC but they were Narcos and Capos of Drugs Mafias. Becoming rich by killing peasants and stealing their land.

Many of these Paras, Paracos, Narcos, Mafiosos or Capos have been extradited to the USA, the best place for them.

The U. S. should expect more planeloads of narcos and capos that have been captured in the last days.

The People that have been in Civil Wars and Big Anarchies have better memories than those that have had peaceful lives.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous,  4:06 AM  

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