Friday, April 24, 2009

Castro and U.S. capitalism

You know that a policy is doomed when Business Weeks publishes an article about how to get around conservative Republicans and start making money in Cuba. However, Fidel's recent comments about "misinterpreting" Raúl also raises the question about how much Cuba will be willing to accept increased economic interaction with the U.S.

I thought of this because the Business Week article mentions how Caterpillar is salivating at the opportunity to sell its products when Cuba ramps up its infrastructure to handle the inflow of people once travel restrictions are lifted. How much will the Castros want icons of U.S. capitalism flooding in to make a profit? Can that be squared with revolutionary ideology?


mike a,  9:58 AM  

Fidel already wears that Adidas sweatsuit. Why not a CAT hat and a big 'ol wad of Red Man in his cheek?

redwood 8:43 PM  

How much will the Castros want icons of U.S. capitalism flooding in to make a profit?

Well, as far as the "icons" internal presence, it depends on what you mean by "flooding in."

But I don't know of anyway to interpret Fidel Castro's statements (let alone Raul's) as not open to international trade.

Quite the contrary. The USG has not wanted her companies (or her allies') to trade with Cuba.

(indeed, I thought you knew.)

Absent that, not even the Fidelistas reject international trade with capitalists out of hand.

So I'm not sure where you're coming from, Greg.

Can that be squared with revolutionary ideology?Again, I've neither read nor seen any idea claimed by The Revolution that would preclude doing business with foreigners simply because they are foreigners or because of the way in which the foreign partners distribute their earnings.

The language the Cubans use to weed out the pigs is along the lines of 'for the good of the public.'

Thus, if a partner fails that subjective test, then, yes, the Cubans won't do business with them (or will cancel their contracts).

But even there, I've never seen them include the way in which the partner distribute her earnings in that category.

I know right right wing Brazil, China, and Ghandi's India have gone through isolationist impulses.

But where does it say in Cuba's constitution (or when did it say) that the government is not to trade with foreign capitalists simply because they were capitalists?

Anonymous,  4:05 AM  

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