Monday, April 27, 2009

The embargo and the Castros

By Steve Sack


redwood 10:58 AM  

there's a lot of truth in that cartoon because, in fact, the Embargo of today is a straight line back to US attempts to subvert The Revolution.

In reaction, the Cubans effectively put their sovereignty in Fidel (and now Raul).

If we stop trying to subvert their government, Castro's reason for being the maximum leader (and the reason for their draconian internal security) will vanish, a fact which is not lost on ordinary Cubans.

and so they wait for us to come to our senses.

Justin Delacour 4:59 AM  

Ultimately, the onus of responsibility is on the United States --not the Cuban government-- to end the embargo. The United States has no moral authority to insist that Cuba change its political system in exchange for an end to the embargo. If the Obama Administration seeks a change in U.S. relations with Cuba, then it will need to end the embargo unconditionally and unilaterally.

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