Thursday, April 30, 2009

New immigration poll

If there is one constant in the long-running debate over immigration reform, it is that a majority of Americans are very moderate. Poll after poll has confirmed this over the past several years, and I've posted many of them. The latest example is a New York Times/CBS poll. 65 percent of respondents said that illegal immigrants should be given the opportunity either to become guest workers (21%) or to stay and apply for citizenship (44%). And although in the press it is common to hear about conflicts between Latinos and African Americans, 73 percent of the latter believe illegal immigrants should be allowed to remain in the country.


Vicente Duque 2:12 PM  

Mr Weeks :

Thanks for this valuable Information about Public Opinion.


It is a good thing that Latinos, Blacks, Immigrants, Asians, Native Americans and many others go Tomorrow May 1st to Demonstrations.

Many Nice and Kind White People can also go to demonstrate for the Kindness and Friendship to Minorities. And a Rejection to Hatred, Racism, Sadism and Brutality.

Even White Policemen are threatened by this Huge Tsunami of Right Wing Extremism, Racism and Violence. If I was the wife of a White Policeman then I would demonstrate with the Minorities and Latinos.

I would also adise to the Demonstrators to be Peaceful, Calmed, Moderate in their Demands of Petitions, to be Polite, Tranquil, Prudent, etc ...

And to have a lot of Caution, so as not to enrage the Lunatic Fringe of Racists and Haters. Do not respond to their insults, slurs, epithets, or whatever yelling of obscenities.

Why endanger the life or integrity of a child, woman or old folks answering to their foolishness. ??

Demonstrators, Be quiet and polite please !, and shut up your mouths in the face of Hostility !

Vicente Duque

Anonymous,  4:02 AM  

thanks for the information....

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