Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More on Iran and Latin America

Yesterday I wrote about how Iran's presence in Latin America was being criticized within Iran. Now the Israelis say that Venezuela and Bolivia have been providing uranium to Iran for its nuclear program. This comes on the heels of a February report from the IAEA that Iran had more uranium than it had previously revealed.

There has yet been no official response from Venezuela or Bolivia, but there are two general possible retorts: either "this is a lie" or "yes, we are, and we can do what we want."

This will likely put Obama in a very tough spot. First there was the famous Chávez handshake, and Tom Shannon just went to Bolivia to start patching things up. If the allegations are true, then all the niceties will end, and the Republicans will talk nonstop about Obama's naivete. Actually, the latter will happen even if the allegations are denied.

Update: Matthew Yglesia's take on whether Iran is even trying to build a bomb at all.


boz 5:10 PM  

Both Bolivia and Venezuela denied the report today. That's good news.

Greg Weeks 5:35 PM  

Then it is time for Israel to produce evidence.

Anonymous,  3:48 AM  

thanks for the information....

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