Thursday, April 29, 2010

Arias and the Uruguayan military

Abigail Poe at Just the Facts writes about Oscar Arias' letter to Uruguayan President José Mujica telling him to abolish the military.  From the letter:

Uruguay does not need an army. Its internal security can be handled by the police, and its national security gains nothing from a military that will never be more powerful than its neighbors, which are also democracies.

I agree with this 100%, but I wonder what Uruguayans think, as this seems to be some major meddling, and Arias takes the added step of addressing it to "Pepe the Revolutionary."

It's also worth noting the context in which last year Uruguayans voted down a referendum that would have repealed the amnesty.  Perhaps Arias only wants to generate debate, but Mujica cannot wave a wand and do something that most people would oppose.


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