Friday, April 09, 2010

Cuban beer

This evening I experienced firsthand how ridiculous the Cuba embargo is, as I ordered a Cuban beer (Bucanero) not because it was famous, or known for quality, or highly recommended, but because it is illegal in the U.S., which makes it interesting for its scarcity to Americans.  It was, in fact, totally ordinary.


Steven Taylor 10:28 AM  

Ah, the disappointment of forbidden fruit!

mike a,  12:07 PM  

Get yourself a mojito made with Havana Club!

Randy Paul 1:10 PM  

It's a sad fact (at least for Latin Americanists) that, generally speaking, the better beers are made in colder climes.

The only beers I can stand in brazil that get sold nationwide are Caracu and Xingu.

Greg Weeks 2:44 PM  

Mike, actually I did, because we were in a Cuban restaurant. The food was awesome but the drinks were underwhelming.

leftside 6:46 PM  

Havana Club 7 Anejo 7 Anos on the rocks is where it is at. Best rum I've ever had - and blows Bacardi out of the water (don't get me started on the bogus decision in US court this week). HC is the only contraband I bring back from Tijuana...

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