Thursday, April 15, 2010

New non-alignment

I've been trying to think whether there is any period in Latin American history when three major powers were simultaneously vying for agreements (as opposed to the nineteenth century, when major powers were invading).  Russia is all over the place and currently in Argentina, Hu Jintao is in Brasilia while China now buys more from Brazil than the U.S., and the U.S. is doing defense.

It is akin to the non-aligned movement during the Cold War, but even better because there is far less conflict involved.  You don't even have to officially join anything.  Just put out feelers and you can get weapons, trade agreements, loans, nuclear reactors, oil deals, you name it--very often, they're even courting you.  The problems of dependency are at least potentially decreased because you can switch partners much more easily than in the past.


rtl 10:08 AM  

The sudden up tick in high-level Russian interaction in the region is certainly noteworthy. In the last month or so, we've seen Colom in Russia, Putin in Venezuela and, now, Medvedev in Argentina striking up numerous trade (and space...really, space?) agreements. I hope US policymakers can address this growing relationship between Russia and Latin America creatively without regressing into an obsolete Cold War mentality.

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