Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trust in Latin American elections

Matthew L. Layton, "Trust in Elections."  AmericasBarometer Insights 37 (2010). 

I got this article via email, and it has not yet shown up on the LAPOP website (though they always do soon).  It takes a look at Latin Americans' trust in elections, taking a variety of different variables into account.  Its conclusions are not earth shattering (e.g., belief in democracy increases trust in elections) but the level of trust by country is interesting.  The neutral line is 50.

Uruguay 73.4
Costa Rica 61.4
Chile 60.6
DR 59.9
Belize 58.5
Venezuela 57.6
Bolivia 56.7
Mexico 53.1
Colombia 52.8
Guyana 50.8
United States 50.7
El Salvador 48.7
Brazil 48.1
Jamaica 47.8
Panama 47.8
Ecuador 45.7
Nicaragua 45.6
Guatemala 45.6
Argentina 44.9
Peru 44.4
Honduras 37.9
Paraguay 24.2

Immediately apparent is that the Venezuelans and Bolivians trust elections more than we do in the United States.  It is heartening to see Mexico that high, given its relatively recent history of rigged elections and the controversy of 2006.

Also, the Honduran result should surprise no one.  Given the way the coup and its aftermath was handled, I am not sure how to get that number up.


Anonymous,  8:47 AM  

And Look!! That model democracy that Hillary and Condi have been holding up as THE example of a shining city on the hill democracy, the unwashed masses have less trust in the narco-presidente than those in the Axis of Evo socialist Venezuela and Bolivia's unwashed masses have in their democratically elected dictators.
Wow! Who'd a thunk it?
Must be those mass graves with the 2000+ bodies all over Colombia that has something to do with it.
Ya think?

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