Wednesday, April 14, 2010

McClarty and Piñera

Mack McLarty has an op-ed that falls all over itself to praise Sebastián Piñera.  There's nothing surprising or objectionable (or even very interesting) in it--the basic message is that Piñera is not extreme and Chile should work well with the United States.

I was left wondering what would prompt anyone to write such an op-ed, which are usually sparked by a sense of concern, alarm, or dissatisfaction.  Did anyone think U.S.-Chilean relations were in jeopardy?  I don't know anyone who thought there was some sort of problem on the horizon.


cjsparen 8:54 AM  

Or posibly Chile is paying for the news in the wake of recent developments re Kissinger/Letelier/Condor and trying to ram home the reminder that the Pinochet days are over

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