Saturday, May 01, 2010

Doing immigration the Bachelet way

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet was famous for naming a new commission for practically every sticky issue she faced.  Many of these commissions gave reports that were quickly forgotten, but they gave the appearance of progress.  Now Lindsey Graham wants to head a commission on immigration that would not even meet until after the November elections.

Perhaps this commission will be equally successful as the 1994 U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform, which released a report wonderfully entitled, "U.S. Immigration Policy: Restoring Credibility."


Vicente Duque 8:37 AM  

Carlos Slim, richest man in World stopped and jailed by a poor ignorant redneck cop in Arizona because of not speaking "Shakespearean" and not being Milk White :

Well, let me say first that I have strong doubts about the Shakespearean Quality of the Arizonan Cops, let me have some strong doubts about the Education in Humanities of these Arizonan Cops.

I doubt the perfect gentlemanly quality inside the Arizonan "constables" and the Arizonan "constabulary" ... They are certainly less amiable and less gentlemanly than the British "Bobbies".

And if perfect English is required in Arizona, then an exam should be required, and I am sure that spelling and orthography are a disgrace in that Cursed State ( the favorite of Satan in Hell ! )

While there may be some good guys in these cops, I strongly doubt that they are British Lords of the "House of Lords", I doubt that they are perfect gentry and gentlemen.

The problem is that in a fascist state everybody is leveled by the worst thugs, the most racists and scoundrels with some power and a nightstick.

"More stupid and brutish than a cop with a new nightstick" ( because he wants to "inaugurate" the club ) - famous anonymous proverb.

So how would Mr Carlos Slim react ???

These rich people ( and there are many Mexican rich people above the average American in Money Fortunes ) will boycott Arizona.

It is a Great and Grave Mistake to believe that the eyes of the World are not fixed in Arizona and their NeoSegregation and NeoApartheid.

It is also a Great and Grave Mistake to think that all Rich People in the World are Vikings like Thor or Odin, and that they wives are Valkyries. I mean people blond blue-eyed and seven feet tall.

Can you imagine the rich people of India, China, Pakistan, etc ... being harassed by a stupid cretin in uniform in Arizona ???

Can you imagine the Great Tourism, Conventions and Love for Arizona around the World ??

"The number of fools is infinite" - The Bible says.

The fact that an imbecility is believed or approved by a majority of idiots do not turn the Stupidity into a lesson of Wisdom and Truth.

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque 11:09 AM  

Thoughts on AryanZona : Intelligence, Reason and Moderation are beautiful qualities. You can achieve more with these good qualities than with sheer Racism, Hatred and Violence :

About the Racist Adventure in AryanZona ( The zone of the Aryans !) :

Technology can be used intelligently ( not like now in foolish repression ) .... You can persuade the Latinos to register and examine their economic importance or status, you can help them to get a job if that is possible and economically useful for the nation.

It is necessary to evict those that are criminals, thieves, delinquents or that do not want to work. Or those that consistently fail in their jobs. That number of people for eviction could be very big and therefore that is a huge economic task, of transportation, feeding, paper processing, salaries for bureaucrats, etc.... This is never going to be cheap for the Taxpayer.

It is not necessary to give citizenship to many millions, because they are not interested in that, only in feeding themselves and their families..

Racists are very stupid always thinking of "Conspiracy Theories" and other imbecilities. And they are very stupid in Economic Matters.

Racists confuse Numbers with Intelligence, as if the German Philosophers had not taught us many centuries ago that Millions of Idiots supporting a stupid idea do not make the Idea Intelligent, Wise or a Great Truth.

The fact of a Boycott ( National and International ) can be very painful for AryanZona. Arizona will feel the Economic Pain.

Also the Economic Result of losing population by expulsion, eviction, dislodgement, etc ... is not a joy for Business.

Kicking out consumers or just threatening them is not very intelligent .... ... Insulting clients and customers is the seal of quality of those that want to fail in business.

All this Stupid NeoSegregation and NeoApartheid has been useful to show once again that people like Sarah Palin, John McCain, Tom Tancredo Carly Fiorina are the enemies of Latinos.

They are enthusiastic supporters of AryanZona. And if Latinos and Minorities have a penny of Intelligence they should not vote for them and their friends.

The power of the vote should be given to the Real Friends of Liberty, Freedom, Humanity and Kindness.

And the non-Latino Minorities should remember that the Racists are also notoriously stupid in classifying races, so many people that are Blacks, Mixed Race, Native American Indians, South Asians, Chinese, Mongols, people from India, Pakistan, Middle East, etc ... will also be objects of persecutions, violence, humiliation, insults, derision.

Vicente Duque

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