Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sue Myrick roboconference

A while ago I received my first roboconference call, from my very conservative Republican congressional representative, Sue Myrick.  The phone rings all across her district, you pick it up and hear her talk to fellow constituents, then press zero to get in the queue to ask a question.  Out of curiosity, I pushed zero to go down the rabbit hole, hoping to ask her about her view on HR 4321.  I was never given the opportunity, and when time ran out took the option of leaving a voice mail asking her to recognize the empirical errors of many of her callers regarding immigration.

But what a fascinating trip.  I stayed on for a half hour, just listening, to all sorts of topics.  Some people were clearly nuts, and one woman ranted that Nancy Pelosi--and I even had to write this down to remember it--"IS AN ENIGMA ON THIS COUNTRY!!" (I won't even get into the woman who said Obama was trying to take over "the church," whatever that is).  She was incensed about immigration because she hated hearing Spanish.  Her husband was German, so she seemed OK with immigration, but not if she had to hear Spanish (the Congresswoman did not tell her that recent immigrants work very hard to learn English).  However, another guy talked passionately about how he wanted more deportation, yet also we love cheap goods, so we need to figure out a way to get the cheap labor in legally.  I think that sentiment may be the real enigma on this country.


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