Thursday, May 13, 2010

Racial profiling and furtive movements

In the context of the debate over the Arizona immigration law and racial profiling, Marvin King links to an NYT article showing that African Americans and Latinos are nine times more likely than whites to be frisked in New York City.

Of the reasons listed by the police for conducting the stops, one of those least commonly cited was the claim that the person fit the description of a suspect. The most common reason listed by the police was a category known as “furtive movements.” 

That criterion, of course, can mean anything.  Even worse, in 19 percent of the cases the reason for frisking was "other."  Lucky for them, though, they didn't need to be carrying their papers.


Vicente Duque 4:31 PM  

Video : Austin Texas boycotts business and travel to Arizona - Austin City Council unanimously approve Boycott

Great Success of the Boycott against Arizona, on Wednesday Evening it was Los Angeles California, now on Thursday Afternoon it is Austin Texas that boycotts Arizona.

This is a protest against the Juan Crow laws of Arizona.

The Boycott is a Golden Opportunity on a silver tray for youngsters and students to participate and enter into politics by the Biggest Door. They will see what is a grassroots movement from the entrails of the Monster.

By now this should be a Monster and a Nightmare for the Governor and the Legislators of Arizona. They got what they asked for.

kxan — May 13, 2010 — The Austin City Council just voted to restrict travel and boycott businesses in Arizona.

Austin boycotts AZ travel and business

My Database of City Boycotts and other actions against Arizona :

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque 11:31 AM  

If your are one of the UGLIES, then you are not welcome in Arizona - Native American Indians, Pacific Islanders, South Asians, Middle Easterners to be confused as Latinos

All beautiful Races of the World were created by God - And when God was sleeping his nap on the Sunday after heavy and finished work, the Devil created the Latinos.

Why ??? -

Reason Number One : Latinos were put in this planet by the Devil to confuse all Racial Profilers and drive them mad.

Reason Number Two : The Devil enjoys big sins because that increases the meat to put in the cauldrons of Hell - The Racist are fried in the cheapest Palm Oil ( that has been used many times and has horrible stench ). The Devil wants to increase the number or Racists with the Beautiful Help of the Republicans in Arizona.

Watch Out ! - Be careful to go to Arizona if you are one UGLY, that is a person that can be easily confused with the despised Latinos. - Don't be a fool vacationing, conventioning, or conferencing in a Racial Police State.

Janet Murguía said : "If you look like us, then you will be racially profiled" - Even the Richest Guy in the World : Mexican Carlos Slim may look like an UGLY to an Ignorant and Racist cop in Arizona.

My list of UGLIES similar to Latinos include : All Native American Indians, including Alaskan or Canadian Eskimos and Inuits, because these natives mixed blood heavily with the Spanish Conquerors that were in America from almost two centuries before the Mayflower arrived with Pilgrims or Founding Fathers.

Other UGLIES are the Pacific Islanders that look very similar to Latinos.

Add the Southern Europeans : Italians from Sicily and Calabria and Spanish People from Andalucia ( Olé ! )

Add the North Africans from Maghreb and the Middle East, those that have Phoenician or Carthaginian genes in their blood, the descendants from the Hittites, the Ancient Egyptians, the Mesopotamians and Persians, Add India and Pakistan, those are the initiators of Civilization, when the "Whites" from the North of Europe were perfect savages.

Yes, I am stealing the paragraphs of Benjamin Disraeli, prime minister of Queen Victoria in England.

You can racially profile any Black or African Person of any shade of darkness as a Latino, because Latin America has received millions of tons of African Blood through History.

Even Blonde and White People are a problem, because those from Cantabria, Santander, Basque Country, Aragon, Galicia, etc ... . have a lot of Visigothic Blood, that is Germanic Blood from invasions of Barbarians that came from the North of Europe. And some of them migrated to Latin America .... And I am not mentioning the millions of Jews and Arabs that went south of the Rio Grande.

Latinos were put in this planet by the Devil to confuse all Racial Profilers and drive them mad and into Big Sins.

Vicente Duque

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