Saturday, May 01, 2010

New numbers for Piñera

Adimark has new poll numbers for Sebastián Piñera.  His approval went down two points from March to April: 52% to 50%.  Disapproval went up sharply, from 18% to 31%.

As far as perceptions of how well his administration has been helping victims of the earthquake, approval went down from 70% in March to 55% in April.

These downturns are by no means disastrous, but he does not seem to be really impressing anyone.  On the other hand, the Concertación is not exactly popular (only 36% identify with it right now, versus 44% for the government, and 20% for no one) so is not in a very good position to take advantage of any stumbling.


Gringo Juan 4:06 PM  

Thanks for sharing that info about the Concertacion's numbers... i had missed that one. I don't think the story here is really about Piñera's personal numbers though. Yes, his disapproval rate has shot up but the decline in his approval, 2 points, wasn't even within the margin of error. I think what's more interesting here is how drastically approval for the government as whole has fallen, from 60% to 51% in just one month.

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