Saturday, May 15, 2010

Non-Latin America bleg

I am teaching an Intro to Comparative Politics course that begins a week from Monday, and I really need to include a short article (even a newspaper article if it lays everything out clearly--even a good blog post!) on the British elections.  It needs to be understandable for an undergraduate with no prior background.  Any suggestions?


Ken 3:55 PM  

Do you need for this article to also cover the basics of parliamentary democracy?

Greg Weeks 3:59 PM  

No--the textbook and my lectures will do that. Those will also introduce them to the basics of British politics, so perhaps I should not say they have *no* prior knowledge.

mike a,  2:49 PM  

Check out some of the comments from my FB post from last week. Someone spelled it out very succinctly.

Greg Weeks 3:33 PM  

No, they explained the part I already knew--I need (and have received some good suggestions) for a discussion of the specific negotiating that went, the different parties working together, etc.

Steven Taylor 6:49 PM  

Have you looked at Matthew Shugart's posts over at Fruits and Votes?

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