Monday, March 05, 2012

Mexican middle class

In a column remarkably free of her normal hyperbole, Mary Anastasia O'Grady argues that the Mexican middle class is rising. Roque Planas, meanwhile, points to a study from last July showing poverty on the rise. I discussed this very issue in November, noting similar contradictions.

In the Mexican case in particular, the government really wants to demonstrate that drug-related violence is not damaging economic growth. It needs to convince investors that it is a good place to come and that there is a strong domestic market for international trade. That is neither surprising nor necessarily bad. But it complicates things when there is so much contrary data out there.

The most useful analysis, then, is one that takes both into account and explains the contradictions. At this point, that's not happening.


Vicente Duque 12:24 PM  

Professor Weeks :

This problem of Poverty and Development in Latin America, and migrations towards the USA has a lot to do with Women's capabilities of Reproduction.

And the USA is under a Big "Baby Shower" of Latino Babies being born inside the Continental USA, for good or bad and that is very difficult to stop. Some statisticians even say that soon half the babies born in the USA ( all American Citizens ) will be or are somewhat Latino.

So let me say something about Women, Reproduciton, Births and New Born Children :

I can only support all Women in their Freedom from Constraints and Exploiters. And condemning the Right Wingers for the "Slut" temper tantrums.

Every child should be always loved, even 9 months before birth during that biological process called conception and during the whole pregnancy and birth.

A child is not guilty of being born before any court or any tribunal of justice.

A child did not ask to be begotten. It is very sad when a child appears in the middle of a dysfunctional family.

I know a lot about it, because I have been very close to Sociologists, Psychologists and People that work with the extreme dysfunctionals : Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Family Violence and Abusive Guys, Delinquents, Criminals, Single Mothers, Irresponsible Father that does not pay child support : food, medical attention and medicines, clothing, etc ... for the newborn.

Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly shoot themselves in their feet, because it is more expensive for Society and Government to have a lot of unwanted Children.

And I also know that those Children that receive a lot of love usually become a Great Economic Asset and Fortune for a nation, no matter their color, or ethnic origin. They contribute to prosperity.


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