Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More on academic blogging

Here is some pretty good academic blogging advice from Patrick Dunleavy and Chris Gilson at LSE. It is a bit over the top to say that blogging is "one of the most important things that an academic should be doing right now," but it's true that blogging, along with Twitter, is great for academics. I can quibble with specific advice, and I've done so for other posts on academic blogging, but this particular post does a good job of discussing the positives without just bullet pointing what you should and should not do.


Vicente Duque 8:09 PM  

Professor Weeks :

I have no relation to Academy, Universities, Schools, etc ...

But I wholeheartedly agree with this paragraph of your linked page :

Social scientists have an obligation to society to contribute their observations to the wider world

My observation : The city councilors and county commissioners that have defended Civil Rights in the last years are those located close to the Great Centers of Learning :

I admire and celebrate those Great Universities that influence the local authorities in these locations :

Austin TX, Berkeley CA, Boston MA, Bloomington IN, Boulder CO, Brownsville TX, Burlington VT, Calexico CA, Coachella CA, Chicago IL, Columbus OH, Cook County IL, El Paso TX, Fulton County GA, Gallup NM, Hartford CT, Los Angeles City CA, Los Angeles County CA, Oakland CA, Pasadena CA, Richmond CA, San Diego CA, San Jose CA, San Pablo CA, Santa Ana CA, St. Paul MN, Santa Monica CA, San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, Tacoma WA, Washigton DC, West Hollywood CA, etc ...

Can you see the message ??

They are close to Great Centers of Learning. And they defend Civil Rights !!


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