Friday, March 23, 2012

Social Democracy in Mexico and Venezuela

Robert Funk and Pancho Díaz take a look at the presidential elections in Mexico and Venezuela as a challenge for social democrats to overcome demagoguery.

Both the Mexican and Venezuelan cases present real challenges for social democracy in general, and for possibilities of electoral success. For much of the past decade the centre-left in these countries has found it difficult to gain a firm footing in shifting political sands. However the elections taking place this year also offer the opportunity to reconstruct a disarticulated left, away from demagoguery and towards a forward looking and healthy social democracy which seeks economic growth but also emphasises well and responsibly funded social policy, all within the context of a vibrant democracy. 

What's notable about Mexico, though, is how much AMLO is attempting to shed his past image and once again appear moderate, showing "conspicuous moderation" as Patrick Corcoran has put it. There may be more room for social democracy.


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