Thursday, June 05, 2008

For Cuban Missile Crisis buffs

The National Security Archive is releasing some of the primary documents used for a new book on the Cuban Missile Crisis. I must say I am not sure if I am ready for another book on the topic, but you never know. Newly declassified documents often provide interesting insight and good reading. The main tidbit is that the Soviet Union planned to destroy Guantánamo with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles if the U.S. invaded Cuba.

Fidel has a lot of time on his hands, so I think he should do a review in his Granma column.


Anonymous,  9:13 PM  


I was in the first grade in Miami during the Cuban Missile Crisis. We got walked home from school by National Guardsmen

Greg Weeks 9:07 AM  

I wasn't even a gleam in anybody's eye yet...

Anonymous,  1:02 PM  

Thanks. Now I feel ancient ;-)

redwood 4:10 PM  

what would it have cost us to abandon and vacate our claim to guantanamo?

Anonymous,  9:44 PM  

I happened to be in Cuba in 2001 when they were having a 40th anniversary conference about it. I guess Fidel was there as well as Arthur Schlesinger. Must have been fun to have them both in the same room. I made sure to buy up the issues of Granma and Juventud Rebelde covering it.

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