Friday, June 13, 2008

Mortgage quiz

From today’s Charlotte Observer.

--Who buys only a home they can afford?

--Who is extremely conscientious about making the mortgage payment each month?

--Who buys a home to live in as opposed to trying to flip it quickly for a profit?

--Who forecloses at a lower rate than the rest of the population?

The answer: undocumented immigrants.


Anonymous,  11:31 AM  


I thought you would be interested in this letter from Morales to the EU. Enjoy.


Anonymous,  1:10 PM  

Further evidence of their threat to the "American way of life," no? At first I meant that sarcastically, then I realized maybe our new way of life has become about spending more than we have and trying to make a quick profit with little effort. And the members of the Great Depression/WWII generation just shake their heads.


I'm starting to realize I'm conservative (as opposed to right-wing) in some ways.

Anonymous,  2:29 PM  

That's my behavior towards my mortgage as well.

Greg Weeks 3:01 PM  

Maybe sometime I'll have to write something about the Europe side of immigration, which I haven't studied much.

Russ and Randy--watch out, because at some point frugality may be seen as sufficient evidence that you should be deported...

Boli-Nica 3:30 PM  

in South Florida there are periodic news items about some family getting deported and having to sell house suddenly,or simply abandon it, so it goes into foreclosure.

Anonymous,  9:31 PM  


Not to worry. My wife is a naturalized US citizen. ;-)

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