Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Get in line forever

From ImmigrationProf Blog:

The number of cases awaiting resolution before the Immigration Courts reached a new all time high of 242,776 matters at the end of March 2010, according to an analysis of very timely court data by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC). The case backlog has continued to grow -- up 6.3 percent -- since TRAC's last report four months ago, and is nearly a third higher (30.4%) than it was a mere 18 months ago. The average length of time cases have been waiting increased to 443 days.

These numbers are really staggering.  I've written many times about how the "get in line" argument is disingenuous because the line stretches from here to the moon.

But this data also highlights something that does not get much attention in the immigration reform debate.  If the government enacts some sort of amnesty policy, who will administer it?  There will need to be a massive injection of funds to increase the number of judges or other qualified officials because the system is already totally overwhelmed.


leftside 12:51 PM  

I am assuming that increased USCIS funding is part of the proposed reform Bill, no?

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