Friday, May 21, 2010

Responses to Calderón

In his address to the U.S. Congress, Felipe Calderón struck a major nerve by urging Congress to renew the assault weapons ban and criticizing Arizona's immigration law.  Conservatives are not happy, as he was seen as "lecturing" and "pandering," it was "inappropriate," "a lot of nerve and whining," his argument is "a lie," Mexico "holds American sovereignty in contempt" and those who applauded him in Congress are communists.  Being lectured, and by a Mexican no less, does not go down well in all quarters.

Calderón's comments represent more of what Marc Rosenblum called "moving beyond the policy of no policy."  Immigration is a transnational policy area, and since 9/11 (which also roughly coincided with the PRI's loss of the presidency) the Mexican government believes it can have a voice in the policy process.  At the same time it is keenly aware of how that can lead to backlash.  The Arizona law likely put it over the top, and Calderón figured he could not make a speech without mentioning it.  And if he's going to rile people up anyway, he may as well put in the weapons ban.

His comments may well mean little, because immigration reform is not likely to get a vote this year anyway.  By next year, no one will remember.


Mike Allison 10:54 AM  

Doesn't Calderon know that we get to criticize Mexico. They are not allowed to criticize the US in any way, shape, or form.

Anonymous,  2:54 PM  

This is interesting perspective. I watched his speech, and this is not what I heard at all. What I heard was a message of collaboration, a hope for a less violent frontera and awareness of what his people have contributed to the U.S. economy. To call this whining and criticism may not be from a perspective that is at touch with reality. What is the motivation of that? To maintain a sentiment of intolerance for good realtions with Mexico? Am I reading this wrong?

Greg Weeks 3:44 PM  

Anon, I think you have actually answered your own questions.

Anonymous,  9:01 PM  

That's good to know. I'm anxious to read more. Thanks for the response!

Hipporage 5:52 PM  

Politicians must hate the Arizona law more than us citizens. It forces them to talk about stuff that they would be more than happy to sweep under the rug.

Defensores de Democracia 1:56 PM  

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