Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hugo Chávez and Twitter

The Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias, aka the Venezuelan state news agency, reports that Hugo Chávez nationalized a university.  Its source?  His Twitter account.  Thus far, he has a team of about 200 people on the account, trying to respond to requests he gets via tweets.

It seems to fit his personality, as it is hyperactive, impulsive, and spontaneous.  And if you don't need to bother asking Congress, why not just announce your decisions on Twitter?


Anonymous,  8:08 AM  

Gee, Greg, I was wondering how long it took hanging around the State Department crowd before you became contaminated by the Hugo is a Dictator meme! Now we know. I guess that consulting comes at a price.
Seriously, do you think that the sum total of a policy decision is encompassed on Twitter? 140 Characters? Or do you actually think that someone would try to explain a policy decision on Twitter? 140 characters at a time? Come on, Doctor Weeks. Cheap shot below the belt. Come back home to Charlotte and let your head clear awhile.

Slave Revolt,  8:38 PM  

Greg, we all know that the you gain great points with the paid-for intellectuals when you spread gross exaggerations and d
distortions about Chavez and Venezuela.

But don't you ever get any pangs of conscience when you engage this crap?

Just asking, dude.

Sure, Chavez can be spontaneous, and a bit off-the-cuff. But, at the least, he has far more authentic democratic bone fides than does the corporate, imperial system that you are in the service of.

By the way, we all know why you never respond to anyone when you engage this disinformation (aka, propaganda)--you can't defend your shoddy behavior.

Which makes for the feed-back loop to be broken. When you refuse to respond, people don't comment because....what's the freaking use.

However, you are among an age-old and long-line of 'thinkers' that rent their ass out to the most powerful thugs on the block.

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