Friday, June 18, 2010

Isolation of Cuba hardliners

Via The Havana Note: if you want a sense of how hardliners in Miami are increasingly isolating themselves, then check out their response to a letter from Cuban dissidents.  That letter, signed by such prominent opposition leaders as Yoani Sánchez, supports the right of Americans to travel to Cuba.

This prompted one Miami talk show host to actually call one Cuban dissident currently on hunger strike on the air to harangue him, telling him that he did not understand what he was doing.

This is an excellent opportunity for a policy shift, as this type of incidence demonstrates that there is support for it even amongst those within Cuba who oppose the Castro regime.  The logic of either ignoring them or telling them they're wrong entirely escapes me.


leftside 2:46 PM  

I don't think the idiocy (and totalitarianism) of this travel ban is much in dispute. Still the US Government wavers in the face of a bunch of hardliners in Miami who openly support terrorism.

Perhaps more controvertial, yesterday Hillary Clinton opened her mouth about the case of Alan Gross, a subcontractor to the US State Department, who was found to have been delivering communications equipment to groups in Cuba as part of our regime change policy on the island. She had the nerve to say that the detention of Mr Gross (for entering on a false visa and for working clandestinely for a foreign enemy) was harming US-Cuba relations.

Perhaps Clinton ought to consider that the Obama Administration's continuation of policy of subversion against Cuba, which involves spending tens of millions of dollars a year and sending secret missions there, is what is really hindering better relations? Just a thought. If the US were to discontinue its programs on the island and officially change its regime change policy, it would do more than anything to enchance relations with Havana. Cuba has said this is priority number one, along with an end to the murderous "wet foot dry foot" policy that recklessly encourages Cubans to embark on voyages to the US, because of the knowledge that if they reach US shores (or the US-Mexico border) they are home free. Automatic US residency, automatic "refugee" assistance, housing assistance, food stamps, English language and job training, etc. No other immigrant in the world is welcomed with such open arms (and taxpayer resources).

Alfredo 10:40 PM  

"Automatic US residency, automatic "refugee" assistance, housing assistance, food stamps, English language and job training, etc."

All of the above sounds quiet socialist to me. LOL. How ironic!!!

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