Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup diplomacy

One of the more unique, and really fun, blogs I read is by Rengaraj Viswanathan.  He is the Indian Ambassador to Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay (and he is a former Ambassador to Venezuela and Consul General to Brazil as well).  His most recent offering explains his World Cup dilemma, as all countries want him to root for their team:

In this supercharged atmosphere of no-holds barred rivalry, I found the only way to survive is to practise the old-world diplomacy. In the olden days, much before people got into Twitter troubles, there was a saying, “a diplomat is someone who thinks twice before saying nothing”.

He has another observation that I found especially funny:

World Cup time in South America is low season for work and business. My Argentine colleagues in the embassy are converting the office into a sports bar stocking it with the essential liquid and solid necessities to last for a month.

In all, it's a great post.


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