Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Latin America and a Palestinian state

Argentina has joined Brazil and Uruguay in recognizing a Palestinian state (and thanks to J.F. String in comments to a recent post for noting that Uruguay had preceded Brazil).  The Israeli response is striking, particularly because it unwittingly shows in part why Latin American countries are doing so in the first place.

"Such a declaration today only harms the peace process, because it merely encourages the Palestinians to keep digging in and hoping the miracle will somehow descend from the heavens or from the international community, that will impose some kind of accord on Israel," Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said.

"And what is important is that the Americans don't accept this either," he told Israel's Army Radio.

First, I think it is fair to say that these Latin American governments do precisely want to be part of an accord forged by the international community, but obviously they do not consider that harmful to the peace process.

Second, emphasizing what the U.S. wants will virtually always have the opposite effect of that desired.  If anything, berating Latin America in that regard will encourage more countries to follow suit.  And anyway, Brazil's position is intended to be a counterpoint to the U.S.


Pablo 12:30 AM  


I have read (I am not sure how true this is) that there are about 104 countries who have now recognized Palestine. Argentina would be the fifth from Latin America. I am not sure how much of this is "news." Most of the world seems to agree that a two-state solution is the way to go in the Middle East.

ConsDemo 8:43 AM  

In this rare instance, the Latin American left is more correct than the US. The fact that an Israeli spokesman is purporting to speak on behalf of the US is testiment to how slavish unquestioned backing of Israel by the Americans had made the two countries indistinguishable in the eyes of the world.

I think Obama gets it that this is a problem, but those in Congress whose loyalties to Israel appear to put their loyalty to Israel above that of their own country don't.

Tambopaxi 8:59 AM  

I agree with ConsDemo. Many American politicians put Israeli priorities ahead of those of the U.S. Just yesterday Obama acceded (caved, if you will) on the issue of freezing more settlements on the West Bank. IMO, we should have cut Israel years ago, but Obama's taken the attitude of whatever...

Pablo 5:37 PM  

Looks like we can expect announcements from Chile, Paraguay, and Peru in the coming months also.


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