Sunday, December 05, 2010

Venezuela documents

Boz pointed out on Twitter that the State Department has declassified a bunch of documents related to Venezuela.  Interesting stuff to look through, and there are lots of them.  The very first document was the emphatic statement by the Defense Minister in February 1992 that there was no coup attempt.  No one really believed that, and there are tons of documents showing how the U.S. was trying to figure out what was going on (and seemingly doing a pretty good job of doing so).  Then there are more going all the way up to 2004, and you can see what I would call cautious alarm turn to more pointed criticism over time.


Xavier Marquez 12:48 PM  

This is a tiny bit confusing. The document refers to a statement by Ochoa Antich that he did not believe there "would be" a coup attempt (the coup hadn't happened yet). The American Embassy, according to the document, agreed: they note that there has been an increase in coup talk, but that the possibility of a coup is remote. So 4-F caught them by surprise.

Thanks for linking to this collection, by the way.

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