Friday, December 03, 2010

Mexico Wikileaks

Malcolm Beith has a take on the Mexico Wikileaks that is worth reading.  I agree with his assessment that the media portrayal is overblown, with headlines about "lost faith" or "fear."  There is certainly concern, but I would be much more alarmed if there was no concern. Corruption, bureaucratic infighting, connections to narcotraffickers, and an army ill-equipped to fight a domestic enemy are all serious--and well known--problems.   I am glad U.S. officials are talking about it openly, and I doubt this will have much of a negative impact on Mexican officials, who are even more acutely aware of those problems.


Tambopaxi 2:28 PM  

The whole Wikileaks thing is just grist for media and blogosphere mills. There might be a sharp word here or there, but we're not going to see severed dip relations or anything asi; en fin, much ado about not much...

Still, it's intriguing to wonder what sort of stuff is discussed in communications at Top Secret level and above...

Heather 8:16 PM  


You're right about not seeing severed dip realations - even president Ahmadinejad shrugged it off like nothing happened. Because every diplomat knows other diplomats are talking behind his back and cutting deals, that's how diplomacy works.

But it's nice to see that those reports are written by a normal human person :)

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