Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Hispanic Republicans

Editorial from the Heritage Foundation on how Hispanics are conservative.  Nice try!

But here's what you won't hear: This conservative wave included some Hispanic-American voters. That fact inconveniently flouts the conventional wisdom - that liberal candidates can consider Hispanic votes to be in the bag. It interrupts the usual narrative. So it must be ignored or explained away.

This is juicy as unsubstantiated assertions go.  Liberals are ignoring inconvenient facts.  There must be a conspiracy, right?  Well, no.  The overwhelming majority of Latinos support the Democratic Party, and will do so for the foreseeable future to greater or lesser degrees.  Of course, this does not mean that all do, so there are plenty of Republicans as well, though they are the exception.

But this editorial goes even further, by saying without providing evidence that Hispanics are inherently more conservative than other people: "Conservative values run deep among Hispanics."  This is a jumbled mess of an argument, as "conservative values" can mean basically anything you want.  Regardless, we know that if we measure support for values by voting, then Hispanics support values associated with the Democratic Party, conservative or not.


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VIDEO : Russell Pearce says that Obama may be asked for papers if he visits Arizona - Clear Racist Joke - Poor humor<.

Great disrespect for the President of the USA.

This guy Russell Pearce says that the President may not visit Arizona for fear of being asked papers. He is the president of the Arizona Senate.

Other poor fools laugh at this bad and racist joke.

ThinkProgress2 | December 08, 2010

Russell Pearce Says Obama May Be Asked For Papers If He Visits AZ



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