Monday, January 17, 2011

Sanctions Ros-Lehtinen style

From Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, I learn that a) the U.S. needs to stick to its principles, even when that is unpopular; and b) our policy toward Venezuela will be based on "practical reasons" (like the flow of oil).  Basically, she wants to discuss sanctions if they have little impact on the United States, which further means her preferred policies will both make the U.S. look bad and fail to achieve U.S. policy goals.  This should come as no surprise, as she believes our current policy toward Cuba should be considered successful.


Pablo 5:24 PM  

Ros-Lehtinen represents the old guard in Miami and her positions must be seen from that perspective. It is pure politics.

Greg Weeks 6:34 PM  

All foreign policy (or any policy!)--whether driven by Congress or the president--is pure politics. There is no other kind.

Pablo 11:06 PM  

True, although I was thinking that Ros-Lehtinen are not based upon what would be best for United States-Cuban relations, but rather how her constituents think.

But I see your point.

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