Monday, January 10, 2011

Latin America-Arab Summit

Even more Latin America-Middle East connection: the third Summit of Latin American and Arab Countries (ASPA) will take place in Lima next month.  Lula got the idea going in 2003, so as usual with the Middle East Brazil is taking the lead and other countries in the region are following.  Of course, the Palestinian issue will also be discussed about whether "to issue a final declaration recognising a sovereign and independent Palestinian state  in borders preceding June 4, 1967 with East Jerusalem as the Palestinian state's capital."

Approving such a declaration will be tricky, as it gets more specific than current declarations by Latin American governments.  The Chilean government carefully avoided specifying borders at all.


Anonymous,  10:08 PM  

It is beyond me why this is getting such attention on this web page. How exactly does Peru's view of a Palestinian state influence a possible outcome? The idea that these states are going to gather together and mouth platitudes is really evidence of shallow diplomatic propaganda.

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