Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MLB and immigration

The Associated Press' sports columnist has a scathing critique of Bud Selig, MLB and also the players union for their silence on the Arizona immigration law.  See my last post (and link to another scathing critique) here.  He argues that MLB is hoping the courts will take action so that it doesn't have to bother.  The MLB spokesman backs that theory up:

"Our position on the law hasn't changed. We oppose it as written and that won't change until the courts decide what the law is," he said. "But we think the All-Star game is a chance to celebrate the contribution of all baseball players - including our international players."

That's pretty weak.  Once the courts rule, then they will support it regardless of the ruling?

And the question remains--will Adrian Gonzalez boycott the All-Star game or not?


Wenq 12:36 PM  

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