Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A peach of an immigration law

This is yet another sign of how ill-conceived many state immigration policies are.  Georgia already just passed a restrictionist law and the governor was quite proud of it.  Just one hitch: Georgia farmers are certain it will hurt them because it will drive away their only source of labor.  So after signing the bill into law and saying how great it is, the governor now says he needs an expedited study of its impact on farmers and said "he wants to get beyond anecdotal evidence and look at actual numbers."

Yes, you heard that right.  Neither the governor nor anyone else in the Georgia legislature ever looked at "actual numbers" when making a sweeping immigration law.

h/t Bender's Immigration Bulletin


Defensores de Democracia 11:23 AM  

Alabama Legislature wants to force decisions in Courts about Immigration. But the courts will likely find even more issues with the immigration law Alabama just passed than with Arizona's SB 1070, because it meshes with Education Rights
Forcing the Courts, the President and the U. S. Congress with Partisan State Laws :

State Legislatures are clogging courts by trying to force decisions that are clearly unconstitutional, these State Laws seem extremely Political, Partisan, even bigoted, and motivated by electoral purposes, or keeping an electorate motivated until the next election.

My impression is that if the Courts make decisions in favor of these state legislatures then they will do immense damage to the seriousness of law, to constitutional and congressional intent, to precedent, and to the Federal Government, not only to the Obama Administration but to subsequent Administrations and presidents. It would be the creation of chaos to push America to decline, decadence, decay and degeneration.

This would be the institutionalization of legislative patchwork, and of sailors having more authority than the captain of the ship, in this case the President of the USA and the U. S. Congress should be the captain.

Think Progress
Alabama Governor Signs SB-1070 On Steroids Into Law
By Andrea Nill Sanchez
June 9, 2011


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