Saturday, June 11, 2011

North Carolina immigration legislation

The News & Observer has a rundown on pending legislation in North Carolina.  It is "crossover," which means a deadline by which legislation (or at least legislation not based on taxation and spending) must pass at least one house in order to become law this year or to be considered next year.  Here are the relevant bills related to immigration:

SB205: Lists documents people must use in applying for public benefits and makes it a misdemeanor for public employees who administer public benefits to fail to report immigration violations. Passed the Senate
HB33: Prohibits governments from accepting the matricula consular as ID. Passed the House.
HB36: Businesses in North Carolina with more than 25 employees would have to use the E-Verify federal database to determine that new hires are legal citizens of the United States. Passed the House.
Under education, there is another one intended to target children of undocumented parents:

HB744: Requires a birth certificate and immunization record before a child is enrolled in kindergarten. Passed the House.

Given Republican majorities, I have to think these will pass.  Governor Bev Perdue, a Democrat, has vetoed other bills but her views on immigration are fairly restrictionist.

This may get ugly.


Defensores de Democracia 3:07 PM  

VIDEO, Young Turks - Can you believe it ??, a Governor that does not want kids to go to School ?? - Michael Shure breaks down a harsh new illegal immigration law in Alabama. - The State with the worst History in Civil Rights wants to repeat History - Racist and Classist Laws in USA 2011 !

All this Alabama Racism has a partisan and electoral motivation to go against President Obama and the Democrats. This new Alabama Law has Zero Constitutionality.

And Michael Shure talks of the Despicable deceptions of Right Wingers trying to get the Latino Votes. Like telling the most vulgar and filthy lies about Planned Parenthood, Birth Control, Abortions, etc ...

According to Michael there should be an outrage about this !

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Crazy Alabama Immigration Law


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