Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cuba and terrorism

A few days ago the State Department released its annual list of countries designated as state sponsors of terrorism.  Like every year since 1982, Cuba is on the list.  Every year, the reasons become so devoid of substance that we get to the point now where it should be considered embarrassing, simply held hostage to domestic politics.  There is no other way to interpret the report, the conclusions of which are based on four broad points:

First, the Cuban government publicly condemns terrorism

Second, there is no evidence that the Cuban government provides material or financial support for the FARC

Third, there are media rumors that members of ETA are in Cuba

Fourth, the Cuban government criticizes U.S. foreign policy related to counterterrorism

As should be clear, points one and two are evidence of opposing terrorism.  Point three is a rumor, and point four is something shared by the majority of countries in the world.

So the farce will continue for another year..


Anonymous,  9:12 AM  

Not only is 3 a rumor, but Spain nor the EU consider Cuba a state sponsor of terror further diminishing any credibility that might have come from this point.

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